“We have had the great pleasure of being here at Toledo for over seventeen years now.
God has been gracious in bringing a group of very gifted people to this beautiful
setting where it is a joy to be of service. We strive to let God lead and guide us
as we seek to do His will. As pastor, I seek to present Biblical messages that inspire
and encourage us. There is love, liberty, and a great sense of fulfillment in serving
here in this unique place!”

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Read the story of the Schadler's
and how they came to Toledo Bend:
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Toledo Bend Community Club website)

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Toledo Baptist Church is home to a wonderful family of believers. We have the
privilege of serving the spiritual needs of Toledo Village in East Texas and
several in the West Louisiana area. This Log Church on the Lake is a very special
place to find a relationship with God and friendship with others. As we gather to
celebrate Jesus and encounter biblical principles, we serve the Lord and in our
community by using the gifts God has given us to invest in the lives of others,
we will grow in our passion for God, our compassion for people, and our
effectiveness in God's work.
As believers in Christ we love the Lord our God, first and foremost, and then
love everyone around us with the love of Jesus Christ. We are called to reach as
many people as possible in our community and throughout the world for Jesus Christ.
Every person through Christ is a minister and essential to this community of believers.
We believe this church, as a whole, and each individual member of this body is created
to grow spiritually through Biblical obedience and the filling of the Holy Spirit.
Church is enjoyable. We strive to find joy in everything we do. Our pursuit is to
always bring glory to God by doing everything He has called us and equipped us to do
with excellence.

Cliff and Joyce Schadler